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Information for Kids with TS ages 5-8



What does it mean when someone says you have Tourette's Syndrome?  It means that your body makes movements or sounds that you don't have complete control over.  These movements or sounds are called tics. 




  Tourette's Syndrome is often called TS for short (like how some people call a boy named Michael, Mike).  Kids with TS are just as smart, funny, creative, and fun as any other kid.  A kid with TS can do just as much as a kid without TS.  You can be anything you want to be (a teacher, a doctor, a parent, a lawyer, a business person).  There is a good chance that by the time you are an adult your Tourette's will not be a big part of your life.    




Just about everybody has something different about them.  Some kids have glasses and some kids have braces.  Some kids stutter, some kids have to wear leg braces and some kids have to go everywhere in a wheelchair.  Some kids need extra help with math.  You happen to have Tourette's. 




  You didn't get to choose whether you have tics or not and you didn't cause the tics.   Tourette's is not who you are.  It is just a small part of the whole you.  There are hundreds of thousands of other kids that have Tourette's too, but there is only one you.  You may be really good a soccer, love to read, or be very funny.  You may be a good cook, love animals, or be the best friend anyone could ask for.  You are special because of who you are!  Tourette's does not change that.






Disclaimer- I am "just a mom".  Every effort was made to insure this information was as accurate as possible.  However, no information found on any website should be substituted for the care of a licensed competent professional.


The official name of the condition, according to the DSM-IV-TR, is Tourette's disorder.
Tourette's is also referred to as TS, Tourette Syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, GTS, and Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome.
You may also see it referred to as the Tourette Syndrome Spectrum Disorder,
but many proponents of this terminology include conditions in this alleged spectrum
which have not been shown to be part of or genetically linked to Tourette's syndrome.
Common misspellings are tourettes syndrome, tourretts, tourrettes, touretts, terrets, terets, turettes, and turrets syndrom.
Tourette's disease is another common misnomer (it's not a disease).
Another common misspelling is ticks: ticks are nasty beasts that bite dogs and people. People with Tourette's disorder have tics.


Thank you to TSNW for permission to use the copywrited wording above and for her countless hours of dedication to Tourette's education. 
Thank you to Haejinn for permission to print her story on how to tell kids about TS (found on the FAQ page).
Thank you to Haejinn, SLeaska, HBool, Glen625,Sabina0815, MaterialDiva, BlueChin and KBurra for their support and help getting this website up and running.  It was truly a collaborative effort.
Thank you  to Teri and Leah for their input and support.  Not only have you helped with this website but you have also supported us through this journey.  Words cannot thank you enough!
A huge THANK YOU to our son  for not only helping with this site but for teaching me more about life,  humility, and humanity than anyone else I know.



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By Cristimo3: Growing Up With Tourette's Syndrome- Information for Kids