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Famous People with Disabilities or Differences




For every person considered famous on this list there are millions of others who have disabilities or differences and who have gone on to have successful lives and careers in their chosen fields.  Whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, chef, musician, executive or anything else- You can do it!


Famous People with Tourette's Syndrome

Article on Mike Trapani- College baseball player with TS- Trapani, Living and Playing with Tourette's   

Jim Eisenreich- Former major league baseball player

Brad Cohen- Teacher, writer

Eric Bernotas-Played on the US Olympic Skeleton team

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson)- Former NBA player

Tim Howard-Goalkeeper for the Manchester United Football Club

Mike Johnston-Former relief pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates

Andre Malraux-French Author

Dr Samuel Johnson- Writer and poet- wrote A Dictionary of the English Language in 1747

Jeremy Stenberg- Motocross rider

Agi Lidle- Web Radio Show Host, Author of Self Help Books, Videos

Keith Collins - Model, Actor, Professional Events Planner

Casey Roberts Dunham-  Works with Elderly; former motivational speaker, beauty queen

Tobias Picker -Composer

Nick Tatham- Singer songwriter

Michael Wolff- Jazz Musician

Paige Vickery - Classical Music Conductor

Kellie Haines - Ventriloquist, writes, produces, directs 

Evan Trost - Physician

Michael Wickersham- Music Educator, Masters Degree candidate

Amy Arellano - Attorney

Charlie Sosinski- Crime and Fire Scene Investigator 

R. Mark Wootten- Teacher and Coach

Jon Schwartz - Works in Corporate Communications, Coaches Hockey

Bruce Ochsman - Senior VP, Financial Services


Famous People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr Samuel Johnson- Writer and poet- wrote A Dictionary of the English Language in 1747

Howard Hughes-Actor, director, aviator and businessman

Howard Stern- Radio personality

Howie Mandell- Actor, host of Deal or No Deal


Famous People with Developmental Stuttering

Kenyon Martin-NBA player

Tiger Woods-Professional golfer

Nicholas Brendon-TV star "Xander" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

James Earl Jones-Broadway, television, and movie star.

Annie Glenn-Wife of former astronaut, Senator Glenn

John Stossel-20/20 news reporter

Johnny Damon-Outfielder for the New York Yankees

Ron Harper-Basketball star

Pat Williams-Football player with the Minnesota Vikings

Mel Tillis-Country singer

Winston Churchill-Statesman and orator

Bruce Willis-Actor

Julia Roberts-Actress

Robert Merrill-Opera star

Bill Walton-Basketball star, sports commentator

John Updike-Writer 

 Frank Wolf-Congressman for Virginia

Jimmy Stewart-Actor

Somerset Maugham-Writer

Lewis Carroll-British writer, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass

Margaret Drabble-British novelist

Robert A. Heinlein-Science fiction writer

Budd Schulberg-On the Waterfront-Oscar winner

Peggy Lipton-Actress from TV show "Mod Squad" and "Twin Peaks"

Sam Neil-Actor

Bo Jackson-Athlete

Eric Roberts-Actor

Carly Simon-Singer

Lester Hayes-Defensive back for LA Raiders

Tommy John-Former pitcher for Oakland A's 

Jack Paar-Late show host

Neville Shute-Novelist

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Famous for the musical Cats and Phantom of the Opera

Prince Albert of Monaco

Miguel Estrada-Prominent attorney and nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

Greg Louganis-Diving champion

Dave Taylor-Former hockey star with the LA Kings

Adrian Peterson-Running back with the Chicago Bears

Jack Ebert-Producer of Dances with Wolves

Anthony Quinn-Actor

Chris Zorich-Defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears

P.F. Bentley-Award-winning photographer for TIME Magazine

Joseph Biden- U.S. Senator of Delaware

Bill Withers- Singer and song writer

Dominick Dunne-Writer

John Gregory Dunne-Novelist, journalist, screenwriter

Tom Sizemore-Actor famous for his role in Saving Private Ryan

Gordie Lane-Hockey defenseman for the N.Y. Islanders

Bill Sheffield-Former Governor of Alaska

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter-Boxer

Charles Darwin- British naturalist and author of The Origin of Species

Ken Venturi - Legendary golfer and commentator for CBS Sports



Famous and Successful People with Other Disabilities

Ludwig von Beethoven- Composer (deaf)

Ray Charles- Composer, singer, musician (blind)

Marlee Matlin- Actress (deaf)

Stevie Wonder- Composer, singer, musician (blind)

Jim Abbott- Professional baseball player (born with one hand)




*Information on Famous and Successful people came from the following websites:




Stuttering Foundation of America



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Teaching your class about TS


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Disclaimer- I am "just a mom".  Every effort was made to insure this information was as accurate as possible.  However, no information found on any website should be substituted for the care of a licensed competent professional.


The official name of the condition, according to the DSM-IV-TR, is Tourette's disorder.
Tourette's is also referred to as TS, Tourette Syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, GTS, and Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome.
You may also see it referred to as the Tourette Syndrome Spectrum Disorder,
but many proponents of this terminology include conditions in this alleged spectrum
which have not been shown to be part of or genetically linked to Tourette's syndrome.
Common misspellings are tourettes syndrome, tourretts, tourrettes, touretts, terrets, terets, turettes, and turrets syndrom.
Tourette's disease is another common misnomer (it's not a disease).
Another common misspelling is ticks: ticks are nasty beasts that bite dogs and people. People with Tourette's disorder have tics.


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